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All of the publications, reports and booklets are provided as PDF documents that you can view online or print out. To view PDF documents you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in. This is available for free from the Adobe website.

Corporate Goverance Statement

Corporate Goverance Statement
The Authority has established a Corporate Governance Statement. This statement incorporates requirements set out in the Act, the Crown Entities Act 2004, other legislation and regulation, and policies and practices developed by the Board.

GSF Schemes

Provisions, Policies and Procedures of the Government Superannuation Fund
This document describes various provisions of the GSF Act and outlines various procedures, practices and policies applied in the administration of the GSF Schemes. It is intended as a guide only for administrators, contributors, annuitants and employers to illustrate and describe determinations made in respect of the GSF Schemes.

The exercise of the Authority’s discretions under the Act will be made on a case by case basis.


Statement of Investment Policies, Standards and Procedures (“SIPSP”). This statement sets out the investment policies and criteria for the Fund. The document is reviewed at least annually.

Responsible Investment Exclusion Decisions
This statement sets out the reasons for the Authority's decisions to exclude investment in certain types of companies.


Investment managers are delegated responsibility to exercise voting rights on behalf of the Authority but the Authority retains the ultimate voting right. Managers are required to vote in the interests of the Fund and their voting record is monitored. New Zealand managers are required to advise the Authority of their voting intent where the issue is likely to be publicly contentious, against the recommendation of an approved proxy voting service or give rise to a conflict of interest. In such cases, Management may direct the manager’s votes under delegation from the Board. Managers’ voting record is summarised on the website every six months.

To view how the Authority has voted recently  click here.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
The Authority’s Privacy Policy applies to all information held by the Authority and the Fund. The Authority aims to ensure all personal information provided to it is managed in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable New Zealand legislation. The Authority also aims to ensure that all personal information held is used in a fair, honest and ethical manner with regard to privacy.

Terms and Conditions of Access and Use

Terms and Conditions of Access and Use
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