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  • Fiona Morgan Acting Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officer

    Acting Chief Executive and responsible for the day to day finance functions and financial reporting of the Authority and the Fund.
  • Philippa Drury General Manager, Schemes

    Responsible for the overall management of the GSF Schemes in terms of the GSF Act, management of the performance of the Schemes Administrator and development of policy advice for the Authority with respect to the GSF Schemes.
  • Paul Bevin General Manager, Investments

    Responsible for the development of policy and strategy relating to the investments of the Fund.
  • Peter McCaffrey Manager, Equities & Alternatives

    Responsible for manager selection and portfolio construction, with emphasis on improving portfolio risk and return efficiency.
  • Nicky Rumsey Manager, Investments

    Responsible for managing and monitoring the performance of the investment managers and the custodian to ensure best practice.
  • Keith Poore Manager, Strategic and Dynamic Asset Allocation

    Responsible for the strategic and dynamic asset allocation of the Fund