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Year Ended 30 June 2021

The Fund's return, net of investment management fees and before tax, for the year to 30 June 2021 was 28.9%.  This is the highest annual investment return achieved by the Fund since the Authority was established in 2001.

Up until 2001, the assets of the Fund were all invested in New Zealand Government Bonds.  The Fund is now invested in a diversified range of asset classes.  The Fund has outperformed New Zealand Government Bonds by 2.2% pa net of investment management fees since 2001 and by 5.5% pa over the last 10 years.  The assets of the Fund now total $5.2 billion.  During the year the Fund increased its private equity investments and reduced exposure to its style premia and catastrophe risk portfolios, reinvesting the proceeds in global equities and bonds.

The investments of the Fund are reviewed regularly to confirm they remain fit for purpose and our investment managers are performing in line with expectations.


Table 1: Investment Performance

Year ended
30 June 2021
$ million
Year ended
30 June 2020
$ million
Surplus before tax   1,188.0     (82.4)
Less income tax expense     (108.9)       (8.8)
Surplus after tax   1,079.1     (91.2)

Investment Returns

Below is a comparison of the returns from each asset class compared to the relevant asset class benchmark. All returns in New Zealand dollars before tax and after investment fees.

Table 2: Asset Class Returns compared to Benchmark Returns

Asset Class

Year ended

30 June 2021

Actual %

Year ended
30 June 2020
Benchmark %
Total Fund1 and 2    28.9    23.9
Global bonds - 100% hedged      3.9     (0.1)
Global equities    29.0    28.1
Global private equities   37.6    31.3
New Zealand equities    13.0    11.0
New Zealand private equities    30.9    14.3
Catastrophe insurance      0.8      4.7
Life settlements      2.0      2.0
Style Premia    12.1      0.1
Currency overlay      5.3      5.1

1. The Total Fund return includes currency hedging to the NZD.  Returns for global bonds, catastrophe bonds, catastrophe insurance, life settlements and style premia are fully hedged.  Returns for global equities and global private equities are unhedged.   

2. The benchmark for the Total Fund is the Reference Portfolio.

3. The benchmarks for global private equities and New Zealand private equities are the same as for global equities and New Zealand equities respectively plus 3% pa.

Change in Net Assets of the Fund

Set out below is a table showing the change in the net assets of the Fund for the financial year to 30 June 2021.

Table 3: Change in Net Assets of the Fund

Year Ended
30 June 2021
$ million
Opening net asset value 1 July 2020   4,270.0
Interest and dividend income      162.4
Changes in Market Values:
     New Zealand equities        40.1
     Global equities       910.5
     Global fixed interest          3.2
     Property - New Zealand         (0.1)
     Global Private Equity      103.9
     Style Premia Fund          4.2
     Other investments        74.0
     Insurance-linked Assets (net)       (43.2)
Total    1,092.6
Income Tax Expenses     (108.9)
Operating Expenses       (67.1)
Net Membership Activities     (131.0)
Closing Net Asset Value 30 June 2021    5,218.1

Net Assets

The net assets have been taken from the financial statements for the year ended 30 June 2021.