For Schemes enquiries contact 0800 654 731

GSF Schemes

There are seven schemes within the GSF:

  • Government service superannuation (Old scheme);
  • New Government service superannuation (New scheme);
  • Superannuation of members of Armed Forces;
  • Superannuation of Judges (including Associate Judges) and Solicitor-General;
  • Parliamentary superannuation;
  • Superannuation of members of Police; and
  • Superannuation of members of Prisons Service.

Pension Payment Dates

If you would like to know the date on which pension payments will be made to your bank account, please click here. If you require a summary of your pension payments over the tax year (earnings certificate)please contact the Scheme Administrator.

Scheme Administration and Member Enquiries

The Authority outsources the day to day administration of the GSF Schemes. The current Scheme Administrator is Datacom Connect Limited. Datacom looks after the day-to-day administration of the GSF Schemes, such as collecting contributions, calculating and paying entitlements and handling all member enquiries.

If you were an employee in Government service prior to June 1992 and you believe you may be due an entitlement from GSF, please complete, in full, the attached form (click here) and return to the Scheme Administrator at the address noted below. The Scheme Administrator will compare the information with the GSF records and respond to you within 3 weeks.