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This document describes various provisions of the GSF Act and outlines various procedures, practices and policies applied in the administration of the GSF Schemes. It is intended as a guide only for administrators, contributors, beneficiaries and employers to illustrate and describe determinations made in respect of the GSF Schemes.

The exercise of the Authority’s discretion under the Act will be made on a case by case basis.

Table of contents

  • Disclaimer
  • General
  • Contributions
    • Employee Contributions and Other Payments
    • Employers Contributions and Other Payments
  • Options Available While Still Contributing
    • Contributing at Previous Salary Following a Reduction in Salary
    • Transfer Between Employers
    • Leave Without Pay and Resumption of Contributions
    • Contributing in Respect of Prior, Interrupted or Notional Service
    • Ceasing to Contribute
  • Charges
    • Provisions of the Act
    • Policy
    • Administrative Procedures
  • Benefits
    • Calculation of Retiring Allowances
    • Payment of Benefit
    • Cost of Living Adjustments
  • Options on Ceasing Government Service
    • Summary of Options
    • Immediate Retiring Allowance
    • Deferred Retiring Allowance
    • Refund of Contributions
    • Continue Contributions after Ceasing Service
    • Transfer to Another Superannuation Scheme
    • Leave Contributions in the Fund and Reactivate Later
  • Additional Options Available to Those Who Are Eligible to Receive a Retiring Allowance
    • Options
    • Requirements
    • Capitalise Retiring Allowance
    • Payment of a Lump Sum to Increase Retiring Allowance
    • Variable Allowance
    • Allowance for Wife/Husband or Approved Dependant on Death of a Contributor
    • Assignment of Part of Retiring Allowance to Another Person
    • Assignment of Part of Retiring Allowance under Matrimonial Property Agreement
  • Allowances if Retire as Medically Unfit
    • Applications for Medical Retiring Allowances
    • Administrative Procedures
  • Death Benefits
    • Spouses Options
    • Options if Contributor Dies Before Becoming Entitled to a Retiring Allowance
    • Options if Contributor Dies After Becoming Entitled to a Retiring Allowance
    • Options in Other Situations
    • Capitalisation of Spouses Annuity Following Death of Contributor
    • Benefit If No Spouse
    • Child Allowance
  • Index

Download: gsfa-provisions.pdf (388 kB) (122 pages)