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The Authority is required to invest the Fund on a prudent commercial basis. In doing so, it must manage and administer the Fund in a manner consistent with best practice portfolio management, maximising returns without undue risk to the Fund as a whole.

Investment Objective

Following a review in 2013, the Authority has defined the objective as follows:

The Authority aims to maximise the Fund's excess return relative to New Zealand Government Stock (before New Zealand tax) with a one in four chance of under-performing New Zealand Government Stock by a cumulative 10% measured over rolling ten year periods.

Asset Allocation

The Authority reviews the asset allocation of the Fund regularly to ensure it remains consistent with the investment objective, legislative requirements and best practice.

The Authority has established a Reference Portfolio to define and monitor the Fund’s relative risk and return performance over shorter, interim periods. The Reference Portfolio is a simple, globally diversified asset allocation that is expected to meet a long term investment objective by investing passively in liquid public markets at low cost.

All active investment decisions are benchmarked against the Reference Portfolio to assess whether they have added value in terms of higher returns or reduced risk, net of costs.

The Fund’s asset allocation compared with the Reference Portfolio, is shown in the table below.

Table 1: Asset Allocation and Reference Portfolio as at 30 June 2017

Asset ClassActual Portfolio %Reference Portfolio %
Global fixed interest12.630
Global equities55.560
Global private equity4.5
New Zealand equities7.710
New Zealand private equity2.0
Commodity futures1.8-
Catastrophe insurance5.9-
Life settlements2.4-
Style premia4.9-
Currency overlay2.7-